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Sundays.  9:45 am.

Westminster Hall  140 Mountain Ave.  Westfield, NJ
(on the campus of The Presbyterian Church in Westfield)

What is the service like?

Modern.  Relevant.

A typical service lasts about an hour. Worship is next-gen contemporary meaning it’s a multi-sensory worship experience with video, audio, lighting that supports practical and relevant message in a modern style.  Music is current.  The vibe is loving and inclusive.

How should I dress?

What you wear on your days off.

The only dress code is wear clothes. In other words you’ll see all styles of dress at wired4worship.com which means you should feel comfortable regardless of your attire. Come dressed as you like in a suit or in jeans and t-shirt.

What if I have kids?

Yeah, we’ve got that covered.

This is a great place for kids of all ages. Kids love the service and are free to stay for the duration, loud or not.

If you want Christian education for your kids we have an amazing team of educators and caregivers ready to minister to your kids from birth through senior high school on Sunday mornings.

Our children’s and nursery classes have been developed with your child’s security — and your peace of mind — at the forefront, which is why we require training and background checks on all persons ministering and teaching in our children’s and youth ministries.

Do I have to give money?


No. We do not ask you to visit us for your money. We want to be a blessing to you. We want you to experience the love of Christ, the friendly spirit, and the powerful message from God’s Word.  Please do not feel obligated to participate during the offering as a guest.