Youth Mid-Week

Breakfast Club

We know just how busy life can get for our students, especially on the weekends. So each Tuesday morning we host a breakfast club in the youth room for anyone in middle school. We each breakfast together, play games and hear devotion that gets us pumped up for the day. There’s really no better way to start the day!


Every single one of our youth programs is designed to teach young people how much God loves them. At the Agape Community Kitchen each week, our students get to experience how God’s love for us is connected to God’s love for others. Each week 6th-12th grade students and their faithful leaders help dish out a healthy serving of love, community and delicious food to people in Elizabeth that are food insecure. God Loves Agape! Come check it out on Wednesdays to see why.


This is a special program for students in high school to take a deeper look into the Christian faith, their own faith journey and the importance of belonging to a faith community. After exploring their faith for the year, Confirmation students will have a chance to profess their faith and become members of the faith community here at PCW.