Youth Getaways

Fall Retreats

Right around the time that the days are getting shorter, schedules are getting crazy and school is getting overwhelming it is time to get away. Retreats are so important for us as Christians. It’s a chance to get out of our routines, get connected to community and get to experience God in new ways.

Seasonal Day Trips

Stay tuned for information about any day trips we take when the seasons change. We love being together whether it’s in Westfield or exploring places nearby.

                Fall: Princeton Tailgate

                Winter: Ski Trip

                Spring: Day Hiking

                Summer: Beach Day

Summer Trips

High School Mission Trip:
This trip is an amazing volunteer effort of PCW. Each year a team of adult leaders helps pull together a service trip for our high school students. The focus of these trips varies between poverty and natural disaster relief assistance. No matter the focus of our projects, each trip is about showing young people that God wants them to make this world more like the kingdom of God. This is a really popular event and we try to accommodate as many students as possible.
Middle School Mission Trip:
The MSMT exposes some of our youngest youth to urban poverty in cities like Boston, Philadelphia and New York. On these trips middle school students get to experience putting their faith in action as we serve God’s people in need. The lessons they learn on this trip help students understand the mission of the Agape Community Kitchen and get them exciting about being involved with Agape.
PCW has taken both middle school and high school students to Montreat, as well as the Youth Conference Ministries camp The Great Escape. Sometimes our summer schedule allows one camp and not another, but no matter where we end up going we believe camp is awesome! Camp allows our students to meet other young Christians from all over the country and develop friendships based on their common faith in Jesus. Stay tuned for where camp is happening in 2016!